Peer reviewed climate change deniers

Sometimes overwhelming numbers are a stand-in for credibility (or the lack of it). Consider these figures of published peer reviewed papers compiled by James Lawrence Powell*:

November 2012 through December 2013:
9136 authors published 2258 peer-reviewed climate articles
1 author rejected man-made global warming (0.0106 percent)

And the longer view:

For the years 1991-2012:
13,950 peer reviewed climate articles
24 articles rejected global warming (0.17 percent)

Of course, deniers will say “Peer review? Why that’s obviously a global conspiracy!” And you can say, “Since when did human beings, much less scientists, agree on anything so that only 1 out of 9136 people disagreed? That’s one hell of a conspiracy!”

*Currently Executive Director of the National Physical Science Consortium, Ph.D. Geochemistry, M.I.T, former president of Oberlin College, Franklin and Marshall College, Reed College, Franklin Institute Science Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, appointed by Presidents Reagan and G.H.W. Bush to the National Science Board (12 years).

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