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Comment on Life on Mars: Curiosity finds a promising lake bed by Marceli Firlej Mon, 06 Jan 2014 01:28:02 +0000 Reality is not so good as people dreaming often. It also be thousands years before people can make Mars like Earth.

Comment on Neuroscience: Memory tied to a specific protein complex by Sankaravelyudhan Nan Thu, 12 Dec 2013 10:23:51 +0000 Rydberg neuron activation may be more on brain lines with small separation in upper spatulate palm prints.This requires a genetic analysis.Einstein’s palm print had
extraordinary.This means electron spin may be able to produce fast microchips out of spin clusters for new Rydberg bonding equivalent to one of Pauli exclusion principle analogous to valance bonding electrons which may give a clue on Rydberg genes responsible for cancerous growth spatula formation.
The existence of the Rydberg series was first demonstrated in 1885 when Johann Balmer discovered a simple empirical formula for the wavelengths of light associated with transitions in atomic hydrogen. Three years later the Swedish physicist Johannes Rydberg presented a generalized and more intuitive version of Balmer’s formula that came to be known as the Rydberg formula. This formula indicated the existence of an infinite series of ever more closely spaced discrete energy levels converging on a finite limit.[5]
This series was qualitatively explained in 1913 by Niels Bohr with his semiclassical model of the hydrogen atom in which quantized values of angular momentum lead to the observed discrete energy levels. A full quantitative derivation of the observed spectrum was derived by Wolfgang Pauli in 1926 following development of quantum mechanics by Werner Heisenberg and others.
Neurons radically by gradient velocity field by analogy may act as Penury’s transformation optics to deal with surface ejection out of opposing and parallel and anti parallel direction field inclined to produce more phase velocity to initiate more matter waves. Out of repulsive attractive refractive index variation for a selective frequency is also operative. A combination transformational optics is producing complex folding that produces matter waves also. The refraction theory is to be updated based on Hall’s inclined effect quantizing transformation optics in oblique neutron phase plane .
Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar,Oxford astro geneticist and palmist.
Palm print of John A logan
Cheiro met Major John A.Logan during Boer war and predicted a fatalistic accident and informed him to make everything in order before his dealth at the age of 36.John challenged his prediction. But alas Boer war broke out and he has to go in the first regiment and died of a bullet injury.
This information was already available in his palm print See the fate line breaking the headline into to two with an islanded formation
Astrogenetic indication can not be ignored and the biometric hologram study is very very important
Astro geneticist S.Nandakumar research scholar Oxford –Cambridge –Anna University-Hubble-Institute of Advanced computer studies ,University of Maryland ,college park in space science for Study on helium laser biostimulation using crystals in understanding cross and square resonating genes.
Refer:Computerised Backtracking algoritm to investigate cross and square genetic resonance [Incident: 090603-000051"
Histroy: For the first time, researchers have combined gene therapy and cellular reprogramming technologies in human cells to correct a genetic defect. After taking skin and hair cells from patients with a rare genetic disorder and fixing the aberrant mutation, the investigators successfully reprogrammed the cells to an embryonic-like state and then turned them into the very cell types that usually go awry, according to a study published online today (May 31) in Nature
Ultrafast memory-efficient alignment of short DNA sequences to the human genome with reference to brain line having a branch to Jupiter mount:
The efficiency of DNA sequences can be improved using mercury and Jupiter waves by helium-neon laser biostimulation of crystals giving fast and efficient resonant outputs by Bowtie an efficient algorithm input which could be compared on genome resonating planes with a memory footprint by aligning short DNA sequences based on palm print analysis. The computerized exacting machines may not allow any errors as the quality aware back tracking algorithms does not allow the genetic variations and favors high quality alignments
The magnetic field in the outer solar atmosphere is frequently distorted by flares. In some cases, a fraction of the field exhibits a rapidly damped oscillation (Schrijver et al.; Aschwanden et al.). If this is a resonating wave trapped in the field, then the rapid damping requires a viscosity or resistivity that is at least 108 times larger than expected (Nakariakov et al.). We propose instead that some of the field lines are so sensitive to the source positions that rocking motions of the photospheric plasma associated with some solar flares (Kosovichev & Zharkova) cause a few loops to oscillate in (anti)phase in the fundamental mode, with a period and decay rate that are determined largely by the characteristics of the photosphere, saying little about the high atmosphere.
It requires further investigation four quadrant cosmic consciousness in terms of Lagrange dampness-jw frequency root locus magneto optic lattice scattering and respective emissions. Further research by oxford astro genetics dept,uk now at Cape Institute of technology on solar magnetic field resonance:
Lady Duff-Gordon (Lucy Christiana Sutherl )on catastrophe escape with square at the end of her travel line while W.T.Stead with across drowned into sea.
One of the mystic solar magnetic field resonating oscillation known as cross genetic oscillation by the over lapping squre oscillation of genetic protection oscillation was evalauted by the Oxford-cambridge team under the team of Hon.Roger davies,Hon.Marteen Reeves along with Oxford astro geneticist S.Nandakumar was solved under Anna –Oxford-cambridge hubble collaboration.In such study people involved in Titanic drowning were analysed on passenger critically born between June-July with cross and square at the end of travel line as per their palm prints.
Basically this research invloved revealing a typical four quadrant oscillation between frequency swing on jw –y axis and dampness along x axis and the system is typically differentiated as a T type ,L type ,H type and 69 polarisation in cancer contributing a genetic inheritance in genes which requires future investigation.An intersting Solar magnetic emissions on cusp over lapping oscillation a shift from cross oscillation towards square oscillation .A comparison of palm print of W.T.Stead and Lady DuffGordon alias Luciana christina sutherland revealed a surprising conclusion on water catastrophe theory perhaps may bringout Nobel prize in understanding genetic affinity in deciding the the fate of human embyo may pave the way for a novel by Robincook we say.
The resonating solar magnetic field between June-July could be tracked back to the short DNA sequences in understanding cross towards square resonance in understanding the Titanic tragedy of water affine genes in case of W.T.Stead who had across at the end of travel line where as Lady Doff Gordon escaped out of square resonating resonance in understanding water catastrophe.
The dampness-jw root locus diagram shifted with reference to cross to square resonance that could be achieved using certain crystal lattices of moonstone-amethyst-emerald the output could be studied wit reference to backtracking algorithms.
Kind attention Ben Langmead,Cole trapnel,,Mihaypop,Stevens.L.Salzberg
S.Nandakumar ,on behalf of Oxfor Astro genetics –laser biostimulation study –oxford –Cambridge coordination
Your call CNSHD751236 regarding Computerised Backtracking algoritm to investigate cross and square genetic resonance has been received."
Meta physical powers of humanbings in betterment of human resources as cosmic consciousness in understanding mimicry acoustic coded helium laser biostimulation in computerised crystal lasing in controlling T cells-reg [Incident: 090531-000028]
Lagrange oscillation and production of acoustic waves act as expander and eraser in genetic resonance planes.Now our idea must be to design and develop computerised helium laser biostimulation using crystals in understanding cross and square resonances at critical change over cusps.The quantum valley mutioptic scattering and reflective resonance contributed by the solar magnetic field forms over the changing barrier in every twelve magnetic quantum sectors of space forming 24 variations.
In quantum mechanics the proposal is that the probability potential of an entity is the driver of the spontaneous actions of that entity, for example to shed a photon or an alpha particle. As strange as it may seem – and I hope you can follow my reasoning here – the assumption of truly spontaneous acts is the reason for the problems with causality in physics. I even propose it is the reason for possibly all paradoxes such as the wave/particle duality, entranglement and photon tunneling.
The balance of opportunity potential and receptive environment is a resonance and works an all levels. What science calls either a light wave, a photon particle or a probabilistic quantum wave packet is an opportunity potential in the complex wave that represents what we call an atom. The electron wave of that atom cannot have a causal reason or simply spontaneously shed that photon potential into empty space where it will be suspended in nothing or ripple through quantum field oscillators until it falls off the edge of the universe, or magically returns into it as it folds back onto itself or creates new quantum oscillators.
The power of meta physical energy has viped out certain stomach problems
even with some acoustic powers .Some relatives already dead had cured
diseases through their cosmic conscious powers in dreams(refer book by
Great saint Maraimlai Adigal,Tamilnadu,Rishi Viyasar ).This means an
organism with cosmic cosciousness can interefere in genetic stem cell
activities that is why people go to Shri Sathyasaibha of Puttabarthi
,Andhrapradesh in India. Similar was the case with Jesus christ.
The magnetic moment solution to the solar neutrino problem is investigated in the context of a solar magnetic field with varying phase velocity on the transverse plane. This phase velocity is assumed to successively take values which are approximately proportional to the solar density, giving rise to the appearance of many resonances along the neutrino trajectory. We obtain a magnetic moment necessary for a neutrino reduction compatible with the experimental situation in the range (6–7)×10?13?B, an improvement by a factor of 4–6 relative to the one resonance case under the same field conditions.
Human beings can store the cosmic consciousness and interfere with genetic
plane and can act as eraser in T cell related problems.Transfering of your expertisation say musical, scientific talents was also possible in such computerized eraser and cosmic conscious injection which will be realized soon, through helium laser biostimulation and advanced line of thought.
Acoustic coded laser biostimulation may be possible in future thanks to previous research works carried out by Nobel Laureate Hon.Tonegava of MIT and others followed theories postulated by Oxford astro genetic team of members feel that there must be a possibility of understanding the acoustic oscillations that change the dampness-frequency jw axis root locus shifts responsible for the modular changes involved in the system dynamics and definitely helium laser biostimulation may solve our understanding of Lagrange acoustic powers involved in quantum mechanics.
S.Nandakumar,Astrogeneticist,oxford helium laser biostimulation dept,uk
June 5, 2009 at 1:39 am
(10) S.Nandakumar says:
Oxford Astro geneticist supporting Einstein geometry out of super string quantum dots:
Oxford –Anna University-Hubble group astro geneticist S.Nandakumar on quantum dots super string theory of solar magnetic field in a different angle
Sub:Einstein geometry of quantum dots confirming super string wave theory even in palm print:
Solar magnetic field of the sun by resonating between cross and square quantum dots basically configured as triangle ,square ,circular ,ellipsoidal ,parabolic ,penta,hexagonal critically enhancing similar Einstein geometry with reference to palm print analysis of W.T.Stead who had a cross at the end of travel line where as Lady Doff Gordon who escaped from the water catastrophe during Titanic sinking ,promising the basics of super string theory out of quantum dots in understanding the water affined genes reflecting water catastrophe.
Solar magnetic field of the sun during June-July due to sudden shift dynamics to 69 polarisation in cancer contributing an interesting??from cusp oscillation that reflects on the human beings along the plane of hologram as observed typically on the palm print on the travel line of T cell ejections of vital line or life line. This further support helium-neon laser biostimulation on stem cells by crystal lasing in understanding cross and square resonating genetic oscillations of T cells, following the research works of Nobel Laureate Tonegava of MIT,usa.
This ream members with great pleasure further support the basic research on helium-neon lasing using crystals in understanding cross and square genetic oscillation in such nobel prize fetching experiments in Nature.
This may also give a clue on optic lattice valley for multi reflections to produce quantum dots of convergence and relative emissions in nano technology applications, with reference to electron tunneling.
It is really a surprising note that the solar magnetic field as the sun enters cancer act as a crab advance and retreat reminding the genetic repetitive crab oscillations involved.
References:Your call CNSHD749615 regarding Astro combing decides the planets responsible for genetic resonance findings -reg has been received. InboxT cell failure detection by vital line study by palm print is is essential -reg [Incident: 090519-000093]
Your call CNSHD749615 regarding Astro combing decides the planets responsible for genetic resonance findings -reg has been received. Inbox
Astro combing decides the planets responsible for genetic resonance findings -reg [Incident: 090511-000023
Astro combing resonating genetic oscillation by planetary boundaries-reg [Incident: 090511-000031
Your call CNSHD749884 regarding Lagrange cross resonating oscillation on solar magnetic field reflects on violent astro combing genes-reg has been receive
Lagrange cross resonating oscillation on solar magnetic field reflects on violent astro combing genes-reg [Incident: 090515-000026] Inbox Your call CNSHD751392 regarding super string wave theory is futher confirmed in different line based on Einstein geometry involving quantum dots-reg has been received. Inbox

Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar.,Hubble Astrogenetic research scholar

Comment on Microsoft Kinect connects with the future by free microsoft Sun, 08 Dec 2013 08:18:07 +0000 Good info. Lucky me I discovered your site by accident (stumbleupon).
I’ve saved it for later!

Comment on HARPS finds a batch of 50+ new exoplanets by Gamaliel G. Martino Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:46:42 +0000 How true that HARPS are responsible for several cataclismic events among them the tsunami in Japan, the severe flooding in southern Philippines, etc? Is it true that HARPS scientist can cause cosmic energy desruption that causes energy waves to create tsunamis? Just asking !

Comment on Back to the Future: Cars with hub motors by Electric wheel motors should make a comeback | ruben k Sat, 31 Aug 2013 18:45:37 +0000 […] and here (Toyota). – I am sure there are others working on it as well. In fact, it is not a new technology at all. – The concept is relatively simple and a diagram is shown below. A magnetic force is […]

Comment on A new twist for graphene: Trying to solve the bandgap problem by storchlein Thu, 15 Aug 2013 11:08:44 +0000 By standard definition Dirac fermions are massive, but graphene under the conditions of a bilayer bandgap produces massless Dirac fermions, which behave more like photons than the protons or neutrons normally constructed by massive fermions. See:,_massless_Dirac_fermions_as_low-energy_quasiparticles,_Berry_phase,_and_all_that

Comment on A new twist for graphene: Trying to solve the bandgap problem by Marceli Firlej Thu, 15 Aug 2013 09:38:09 +0000 Dirac Fermions are not massless but massive, referring to:

Comment on Krauss and Dent: A new theory to explain dark energy by Leo Vuyk Sun, 11 Aug 2013 13:34:53 +0000 There is a possible testbed for the theory:
Quantum Gravity around the sun acting at infinite speed ( according to scientists like Tom van Flandern)
Infinite gravity speed is possible IF the seesaw Higgs is responsible for one part of a so called double Lesage garvity.
This means thet the pushing gavitons radiated from the sun influence the local Higgs vacuum fluctuations ( or better oscillations)

Comment on Fusion energy: Update on the Big Tokamak by James Makepeace Thu, 08 Aug 2013 09:36:21 +0000 The National Ignition Facility in Lawrence Livermore USA is approaching the challenging goal of credible energy gain from laser-driven fusion, using the alternative approach to ITER.
My money is on the laser people getting there first, but we need at least two approaches to work. The energy problem is so huge for the planet now (with our giant appetite for cheap energy at the flick of a switch) that even the obscene amounts of money being devoted to ITER are justified if the problem is to be solved. The laser approach will probably be much more economical, but its potential has yet to be fully understood by enough of those who vote the funding for this work.
Watch for progress at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) !