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IBM doesn’t call it a brain chip

IBM calls it a neural core, not a ‘brain chip’ or a ‘thinking chip.’ The recently announced development involves two prototype chips that contain circuitry inspired by biological components of the brain – neurons, synapses and axons. The chips are the earliest building blocks of what IBM hopes to develop into a more complete system […]
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Update: Who’s afraid of Watson?

Not long ago a computer assembled by IBM, named Watson, whupped a couple of good-old-boys and all-time-winners at the game of Jeopardy! This garnered a good deal of attention, mainly with the notion that computers are becoming as smart as people. No, I said, in an essay titled “Who’s afraid of Watson?” [SciTechStory: Who’s afraid […]
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Who’s afraid of Watson?

And the answer is, “What is Watson?” Even if you know the correct reference (pick from: Alexander Graham Bell’s assistant, a computer, the founder of IBM), which by far most people on this planet do not, it’s unlikely that fear is attached to it. Watson is not a common synonym for boogeyman. However, a few […]
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Halfway between robot and avatar

Telerobot physician consulting with nurse………….credit: InTouch Technologies, Inc. What’s halfway between an autonomous robot and an avatar? You’ve probably seen avatars in the movies (James Cameron’s Avatar being the prime example). No doubt you’ve also seen various kinds of (semi) autonomous robots that move about under their own power and have a kind of intelligence, […]
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The advance of swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence – where the behavior of many semi-intelligent individuals becomes intelligent in collective activity – think of ants or bees, has been an area of study for some time but on no perceivable schedule or cycle seems to appear in the popular media as a matter of considerable importance. I thought of this while […]
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The Mind Machine Project

Here’s a rant, for your delectation, or distaste: This month (Jan. 2010) MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. USA) kicks off a five year, five-million dollar (at least) research orgy called the Mind Machine Project (MMP). Machine Mind = Artificial intelligence (AI). Now there’s a concept. Oh wait. We tried that, what? Fifty years […]
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Roxxxy: Sex robots 1.0 (or is it 0.001?)

You knew plastic sex dolls couldn’t last in the onslaught of technological progress. After all, they’re nothing but windbags. Now sex robots, that’s in the ‘something else’ category. Of course this massive innovation shows up (where else) in Las Vegas during the time of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Actually it showed up at the […]
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