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Black Holes, Steven Hawking, Oh My

According to much of the media, Steven Hawking says there’s no such thing as a black hole. This sounds really rad but is the media reflecting celebrity and titillating terminology rather than substance and veracity? Of course, Hawking is a media magnet, as are (ahem) Black Holes. Besides, didn’t Hawking write the book on black […]
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Krauss and Dent: A new theory to explain dark energy

In a literal sense, a new theory, in this case involving dark energy and the Higgs Boson, by two well-known physicists – Lawrence Krauss and James Dent – is “news.” So why did I question my first reaction to create a ‘news’ story? Well, new theories of any kind, much less in the theory-filled universe […]
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The mystery of dark matter in small galaxies

Considering that dark matter is supposed to make up about 23% of all mass-energy density in the universe, it’s surprisingly difficult to pin down. It can’t be seen or measured directly, that much is known. Its existence is inferred from gravitational effects on things that instruments can see and from gravitational lensing (the bending of […]
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Steven Hawking: Meeting aliens ‘a little too risky’

Steven Hawking, the eminent astrophysicist, declares in a new Discovery Channel series that aliens coming to Earth are not likely to be friendly. “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up […]
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White dwarf broke the limit, scrambles astrophysicists

Cosmology tackles big questions, such as: How was the universe created? Is there such a thing as dark matter? Since ultimate answers for questions like these are not forthcoming, it’s not surprising that from time to time new information appears that sends a moiety of cosmologists and astrophysicists back to the white board for a […]
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Science panel: Chicxulub did it

Sometimes ‘the facts’ discovered by science answer questions by themselves, but much of the time facts are used for competing hypotheses. Sometimes more facts settle the issue of which hypothesis better fits the facts, but like as not, the ‘better fit’ is a matter of interpretation. If the issue at hand is important enough, scientists […]
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