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Zircons provide new reading on the atmosphere for origin of life

How can you tell what the atmosphere of Earth was like four billion years ago? The answer is simple, although technically difficult to do – read the rocks. Geologists and now astrogeologists and astrobiologists go back to the question of what the atmosphere was like during the early history of Earth because it is one […]
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Surprises from simulating Titan’s atmosphere

“That can’t be right.” These are terrible or wonderful words for a scientist. It’s that moment when they look at the results of an experiment and see something they truly did not expect, good or bad. It happened to Sarah Hörst, graduate student and lead researcher on a project for the University of Arizona (Tucson, […]
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New Study: Archean oceans cooler, better for origin of life

A key part of the hypothesis for the origin of life on Earth is that it developed in the oceans. The conventional model of the early oceans has stipulated that the waters of the middle Archean eon, roughly 4.0 to 3.5 billion years ago, were too hot for (abundant) life. The model also assumed that […]
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