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Have some neutrinos broken the law?

You know the old joke, “The speed of light: it’s not only the limit, it’s the law.” I used to think the joke was really lame, because if the speed of light were like a human law, then it could be changed. But the speed of light is a universal constant, invariant, and one of […]
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Trapping antimatter so it finally can be studied

The ALPHA trap for antihydrogen….credit: N.Madsen, ALPHA/Swansea The problem with antimatter is that it is very anti-social; it doesn’t stick around long enough to get to know it. Matter, the stuff we and everything we know is made of, destroys…annihilates antimatter immediately (or the other way around, if you like). The explosive nature of matter […]
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A neutrino oscillates, wounds Standard Model

This piece of news, the importance of which is disguised by the colorful name chameleon neutrino, should start with the concluding paragraph of the press release from CERN, the European nuclear studies center: While closing a chapter on understanding the nature of neutrinos, the observation of neutrino oscillations is strong evidence for new physics. In […]
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Large Hadron Collider, almost ready to do some colliding

If it were any other piece of scientific equipment, turning it on and starting initial testing would hardly rate a mention by the world’s media, if that. But this is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s most expensive piece of scientific equipment – ever. (It has cost about 10 billion dollars so far.) Also, […]
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