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Two big steps forward for quantum teleportation

Few things will tie your cerebral lobes in a knot like quantum mechanics, and even then, fewer things are as astonishing as quantum teleportation – the “transmission” of quantum values (qubits) over a distance – not feet but hundreds of kilometers (or miles). The research into this potential form of communication has been going on […]
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Ambient backscatter: Energy for electronic devices – no wires, no batteries, no solar

Ambient Backscatter devices (prototype)…..Credit: University of Washington It’s true. There is now a way to power electronic devices without plugging them into the electrical grid (no wires), without solar panels, and without installing a battery. Engineers at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) created a new wireless communication system that can interact with each other, […]
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Quantum Teleportation: Step 4, 150 Kilometers

It’s a race of sorts. It’s a race to be the first research team to use quantum teleportation to transmit messages to and from orbiting satellites. The distance of this transmission will be about 500 kilometers. The latest ‘leg’ of this race was just completed by a team of European physicists and published at arXiv […]
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Better communications: One laser – 26 Terabits per second, a new record

Imagine transmitting the content of the entire Library of Congress in ten seconds. Yes, that’s fast. That communication speed translates to 26 terabits per second, which is, for now, the fastest speed attained by a communication system using a single laser beam and optical fiber. Actually not so long ago people could barely imagine transmitting […]
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On the road to holographic video: Improvement in holographic telepresence

Holographic video display…..Credit: University of Arizona A video screen that refreshes the image every two seconds doesn’t do wonders for motion or animation, but it’s a darned sight better than three minutes between refresh. That’s the progress made by Nasser Peyghambarian and Pierre-Alexandre Blanche at the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona […]
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Coming up: Body-to-Body networks (BBN)

Try this idea on for size: Built into clothes, clip-on devices, hand-held devices, or eventually implanted devices – tiny, very low wattage transmitters to become part of a “Body-to-Body Network” or BBN. Not so keen on it? What if you got a reduction in monthly cost of your telephone communications for becoming a participating transmitter? […]
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Sci-Fi movie review: Surrogates

[Surrogates. Directed by Jonathan Mostow. Writers Michael Ferris, John D. Brancato (two others). Released 2009, now in DVD and Blu-Ray. As customary for SciTechStory, this review contains many spoilers.] We get it: Surrogates (robots) bad; being human good. In fact, I’d wager most people more than get it before the opening credits are over. The […]
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Internet over copper telephone lines: Squeezing out more speed

Eventually the world of communications will be glass – fiber optic cables. However, that will be a long and costly transition. Meanwhile, much of the world’s communications still runs on copper, the copper of POTS (the Plain Old Telephone System). Given that reality, one of the obvious things to do is squeeze as much transmission […]
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Graphene in a communications context

News stories about using graphene in computers appear all the time. Less often, there are stories about graphene used in communications. This will probably change. Graphene is carbon, a specific form of carbon related to graphite (as in the lead of pencils). Graphene is graphite in sheets, very thin sheets precisely one carbon atom thick. […]
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Microtelecom – where few phones have gone before

It’s called synergy, combining the technology of solar cells with the technology of a low wattage cell-phone base station. It’s also called ‘microtelecom’ – a telephone network built with minimal requirements for energy, technical knowhow, and money. An example is the work of VNL in Haryana, India, which is rolling out its ambitious “WorldGSM” cellular […]
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