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Steve Jobs, entrepreneur, artist

Forest Gump, the paragon of grace under incomprehension, remarked about making a great deal of money “from a fruit company.” He had no idea, but the audience did. Everyone saw the image of the colorfully striped apple and knew what it meant. Steve Jobs and his company, Apple Computer, touched almost everybody. Jobs and company […]
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Bill Gates Dreams of Heaven

Now and then everyone has weird dreams, even Bill Gates. He dreamed he had died…and gone to heaven. (Yes, that would be a surprise to everyone.) However, heaven wasn’t what he’d envisioned, or even read about in the Economist. For one thing, it wasn’t awesome and well lit. Instead there was an amorphously very large […]
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Computer password of a California Girl

The young lady smiled rather vacuously at the tech. “You want my password?” “Yes. I have to audit all the passwords on this floor.” “You’re official?” The tech pointed to his badge. “Yes.” “Well, okay.” She wrote out the password on a post-it. It took a while. “I have trouble remembering it,” she said. MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofySacramento […]
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Excited quantum dots may lead to photonic computers

The push for faster computers…more powerful computers however that is defined…proceeds along several lines: Traditional (in silicon semiconductors), quantum (several forms of quantum computing), biological (based on organic chemistry), and optical (using photons of light instead of electrons). Almost every year advances are made along each line of research. Eventually the advances will add up […]
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