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Black Holes, Steven Hawking, Oh My

According to much of the media, Steven Hawking says there’s no such thing as a black hole. This sounds really rad but is the media reflecting celebrity and titillating terminology rather than substance and veracity? Of course, Hawking is a media magnet, as are (ahem) Black Holes. Besides, didn’t Hawking write the book on black […]
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Krauss and Dent: A new theory to explain dark energy

In a literal sense, a new theory, in this case involving dark energy and the Higgs Boson, by two well-known physicists – Lawrence Krauss and James Dent – is “news.” So why did I question my first reaction to create a ‘news’ story? Well, new theories of any kind, much less in the theory-filled universe […]
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Planck’s Universe

Cosmic Microwave Background radiation map of the Universe…Credit: ESA, Planck Collaboration The big news for this week and I do mean big as in as big as the whole Universe, is a new collation and analysis of data from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Planck observatory mission. The new analysis reveals several things about the […]
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Supersymmetry: SUSY still has no data

Even physicists get that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach that something you’ve relied on for most of your life may be wrong, or at least not as right as you thought. If you’re a good scientist, you question and examine – your own thinking and whatever it is that has shaken you […]
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No WIMPS in the Xenon

It is a strange headline – No WIMPS in the Xenon, but then Dark Matter is strange. It supposedly must exist, in fact, it makes up 25% of the material in the universe. However, it has never been seen. Not seen even by the latest super high sensitivity detector project called XENON100. Located at the […]
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NEWS: Short List

Cosmology – Hubble does it again: Another oldest galaxy | Is there no end to the universe? Trick question, of course, but the succession of ever older galaxies discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope is provocative. In the newest instance, the galaxy discovered is 13.2 billion light years away, which is the same as saying […]
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Light through a galactic lens: Good news, bad news of dark energy

The good news is that thanks to research by an international group of scientists and published in the August 20, 2010 issue of Science [Cosmological Constraints from Strong Gravitational Lensing in Clusters of Galaxies] we have a much more precise idea of the amount of dark energy in the universe and a fix on the […]
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New telescope technologies, new visions

Looking at the sky with telescopes sitting on the Earth is like looking through a somewhat primitive and dirty window. That hasn’t stopped astronomers from wanting and sometimes getting bigger and better optical telescopes. Even a somewhat distorted window on the universe is far better than human eyesight. Then along came rockets and eventually it […]
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White dwarf broke the limit, scrambles astrophysicists

Cosmology tackles big questions, such as: How was the universe created? Is there such a thing as dark matter? Since ultimate answers for questions like these are not forthcoming, it’s not surprising that from time to time new information appears that sends a moiety of cosmologists and astrophysicists back to the white board for a […]
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A black hole of good news – bad news

Tucson, Arizona – Astronomers at the University of Arizona have dubbed a new observation – the “chaos cloud.” Discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope on March 1, the swirling, 10 million kilometer wide cosmic cloud has been likened to nothing ever seen before. Although measurements are preliminary, astronomers said the cloud would sweep through Earth […]
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