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Two big steps forward for quantum teleportation

Few things will tie your cerebral lobes in a knot like quantum mechanics, and even then, fewer things are as astonishing as quantum teleportation – the “transmission” of quantum values (qubits) over a distance – not feet but hundreds of kilometers (or miles). The research into this potential form of communication has been going on […]
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The robin flies with quantum coherence

The quantum coherent robin red-breast…….Credit: NWFS In a sense most science and technology news is made up of tidbits, bits and pieces of research. Some of the tidbits are choice morsels, others are insight resistant gristle, and perhaps even more are pure confection. What’s generally missing in the news is how (or if) the tidbit […]
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Changing the frame of reference for quantum mechanics

Is there a relationship between the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and quantum nonlocality? Only a quantum physicist should know, or care. Wrong, at least in one way. Granted, quantum mechanics is a tough subject. So is your brain. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth knowing about. As for quantum physicists knowing about such a relationship, well […]
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Quantum teleportation over 16 km in open air

Quantum teleportation is not the easiest concept to understand, much less believe. Teleportation sounds like something out of Star Trek. It’s not; this is real. In what promises to be a milestone experiment led by Jian-Wei Pan and Cheng-Zhi Peng at the University of Science and Technology of China and Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), quantum […]
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Confirmation: Quantum entanglement in photosynthesis

The discovery that every-day, ‘normal temperature’, biological systems – plants – use quantum effects in the process of photosynthesis has been advancing for several years. For physicists and biologists this is becoming something of a revelation. Physicists in particular, accustomed to observing quantum effects only at extreme cold (approaching absolute zero), find the idea that […]
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Quantum physics (like life?) in higher temperature entanglement

It’s been ‘common knowledge’ in the physics community that experiments with quantum entanglement, that weird state where two objects share the same existence, can only take place at extremely low temperatures – roughly a maximum of 4 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero. (That’s about -457F or –272C.) It therefore gives physicists something like what Americans […]
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Breakthrough will lead to further entanglements

The title of this post, “Breakthrough will lead to further entanglements” should be taken literally…and figuratively. An experiment by L. G. Herrmann in France, working with colleagues in France, Spain, and Germany, and published in Physical Review Letters has demonstrated for the first time in a solid state device the property of quantum mechanics called […]
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