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Sci-Fi Movie Review: Gravity

[Gravity. Released October 4, 2013. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Writers Alfonso Cuaron, Jonas Cuaron and George Clooney. DVD/Blu-Ray not yet released. As usual, this “post-viewing review” contains many spoilers.] As the final credits rolled on Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, a woman in the row in front of me stood up and swaying slightly, grabbed the back […]
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The Dragon is in orbit

I hope this will be a date with a footnote attached, but little remembered. Today, May 22, 2012 at 07:44 GMT the SpaceX, Inc. Falcon 9 rocket lofted into the Florida sky, rising above the ghostly gantries of NASA’s now dead space programs. It is the first ‘private’ or ‘commercial’ rocket launched to bring supplies […]
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The Prestige: China orbits practice unit

The Heavenly Palace is in orbit, or at least the first practice piece – Tiangong 1 – is in orbit. CNSA, the Chinese National Space Agency reports that the 10.5 meter cylinder is designed to practice docking and other aspects of orbital navigation over the next 3-5 years, with the ultimate goal being a functioning […]
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Space Shuttle Atlantis: happy landing, and out with a whimper

Among the many things said and written about the ending of the American space shuttle program, one thing we are not likely to hear any time soon is the last word. In short, it’s going to require the perspective of history, probably fifty years, before the impact of the space shuttle program – operating, then […]
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Falcon 9 – Dragon: Setting a milestone in commercial space flight

Artist’s conception of the Dragon capsule in orbit….Credit: Space X When President Obama, on the recommendation of the Augustine Commission, committed to raising the profile of commercial space flight, there were (and are) plenty of skeptics. Many assumed this was a zero-sum game, where if one company or agency wins more contract money, another loses. […]
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Boeing throws (subsidized) hat into space tourism ring

Boeing Corporation, the giant American aero-space company, announced that it will be joining the effort to provide transport for ‘space tourists’ to and from the International Space Station (ISS). This sounds like a major step for the commercial development of space. It could be. However, in reality it’s a step into the often contradictory world […]
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No muscle, no Mars

After feeding upon the thrills of Star Trek, Star Wars, Avatar and their ilk, we (that is, people of the entertainment soaked portion of the world) are conditioned to be optimistic about human beings in space. There’s also the reality of landing on the Moon, the International Space Station, and the inspiring history of astronauts […]
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New Russian spaceport: Vostochny Cosmodrome

Some space facilities are built in secret (military) or with little fanfare perhaps because they’re not very ambitious. But when the Russian Prime Minister (V. Putin) announces the building of a new $800 million spaceport – or cosmodrome, it’s clearly intended to be very public. This fits with the avowed use for a new ‘civilian’ […]
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Exploiting suborbital space

The commercial ‘exploitation’ of space has been developing for more than a decade. By exploitation I mean simply ‘making a profit’ from it. Lofting satellites into orbit was once the purview of governments. In fact, rockets into any level of space were usually government projects (and mostly military). That began changing a decade or two […]
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