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Key ocean currents warming at accelerated rate

The signs of climate change appear like pieces of a mosaic, a patchwork of scientific data and observation. Most individual signs don’t carry great significance, but here’s one that does – the persistent rise of the temperature of the oceans over the past 100 years. The research comes from an international team (China, Japan, Australia, […]
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New water for life: Lakes on Jupiter’s moon Europa

Europa lake formation between surface and ocean….Credit: Britney Schmidt, U.of Texas, Austin This story begins with chaotic terrain on a moon of Jupiter, Europa. Ever since the space probe Galileo zipped by this part of the solar system and recorded the most detailed pictures of the surface of Europa, astroscientists have pretty much come to […]
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Ocean on Enceladus has built-in heater

Surface eruption on Enceladus, Saturn in the background….Credit : NASA/JPL About this time last year the American space agency NASA reported on new data from the Cassini mission to the planet Saturn confirming that one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, has liquid water and probably an ocean. [SciTechStory post: Enceladus has at least a sea, possibly […]
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A first for the Earth: The Census of Marine Life

From 5,400 meters deep, the copepod ceratonotus steiningeri…credit: Jan Michels Creature pictures like the one above get our attention. There will be many such pictures popping up in the popular media for a few days. Let’s call them heralds for a major scientific achievement: the first global Census of Marine Life. The census is the […]
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New Study: Archean oceans cooler, better for origin of life

A key part of the hypothesis for the origin of life on Earth is that it developed in the oceans. The conventional model of the early oceans has stipulated that the waters of the middle Archean eon, roughly 4.0 to 3.5 billion years ago, were too hot for (abundant) life. The model also assumed that […]
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Ocean acidification – fewer shellfish

Oceans are mighty, big, and wide – but they are not indestructible. We’ve known for some time that Earth’s ocean ecology is threatened. Overfishing, pollution, warming have all come under the spotlight. Scientific studies continue to arrive that document various aspects of the decline of the oceans. Here’s a pioneer study that spotlights the delectable […]
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