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Flow batteries: For when the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine

The Harvard prototype organic flow battery….Credit: SEAS A team of scientists and engineers at Harvard tackled the problem of storing electricity from short term or irregular energy sources, such as wind mills or solar panels by looking to improve on a type of battery technology known as a flow battery. As published in the journal […]
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DNA Computing: Advances in organic circuits

DNA logic gate components……Credit: Royal Publishing Society Let’s come at computers from a different angle for a moment. An alien species lands on earth. Their spaceship doesn’t look like a spaceship. It looks like a very large blob, of sorts. It’s a blob because the whole thing is organic, not a scrap of metal on […]
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A new use for nanowires: E-skin (electronic skin)

What’s in a word? Call it a membrane and most people associate it with something scientific. Call it skin and there are definite human associations. So when the engineers at the University of California Berkeley (USA) developed a pressure sensitive electronic material made of nanowires, is it a membrane or skin? They’d like to call […]
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A first: Computer display ready to roll (up)

Sony rollable OLED display                 Credit: Sony Corporation Here’s another innovation making the transition from science fiction to commercial reality: A digital display that can roll up like paper. Sony’s newly developed 4.1 inch (10 cm) rollable OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is only 80 micrometers thick – […]
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