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Sci-Fi Movie Review: Prometheus

[Prometheus. Released June 2012. Directed by Ridley Scott, Writers John Spaihts and Damon Lindelof. DVD/Blu-Ray released. As usual, this “post-viewing review” contains many spoilers.] The opening scene of Prometheus, which demands interpretation right out of the reel, is of a humanoid alien imbibing some kind of nanotechnology that transforms him (it?, there seem to be […]
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Life on Mars, if it exists, is below the surface

Is there life on Mars? We don’t know yet. If there is, it isn’t very big. In fact, if there’s (still) any life at all, it will be bacteria or something even more primitive and small. Whatever there is, it’s also not likely to be on the surface. That’s not because of the cold; it’s […]
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