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New lithium-ion battery: It’s a stretch

Twist, bend and stretch – and store electricity…..credit: J. Rogers, U. of Illinois In roughly the last decade, there is a substantial research track looking for ways to generate electricity for personal devices, especially those carried or worn such as watches, phones, small computers and the like. The most attractive approach is through piezoelectricity where […]
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Finally, a self-powered wireless nanoscale sensor

Nanogenerator system……….Credit: NanoLetters, American Chemical Society One day the world may well be blanketed with sensors (metaphorically). If so, it will be the result of advances in nanotechnology. Perhaps it will be derived from the work of Zhong Lin Wang and his group of ambitious researchers at The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, […]
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Clothes that generate electric power

“Someday we’ll all be wearing clothing that generates electricity.” (…not just static) This statement or something comparable appears in a science or technology story at least a couple of times a year. The broad implication is that by some (new) technology, the motions of daily life will cause our clothing to generate electricity, which can […]
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