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Organic Solar Cells: Spinning efficiency

Researchers at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, U.K.) and the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington USA) have tackled the problem of relative inefficiency of organic solar cells by orchestrating their electronic ‘spin.’ It could be a breakthrough…. Organic solar cells have so much promise. Instead of silicon, these solar cells are constructed with polymers – […]
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A coming marriage: Additive Manufacturing and Nanotechnology

It could be a marriage made in engineering heaven: Additive manufacturing and nanotechnology. First, let’s introduce additive manufacturing. Throughout history manufacturing of metallic parts and most other materials as well starts with a solid shape of the material and gets cut down to size. If you want to make a sword, you first get a […]
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Key technique: Fluid-process nanotubes like polymers

Carbon nanotubes are the lab stars of nanotechnology. They can conduct electricity better than copper. They can behave like a metal – or a semiconductor. They can be 10 times stronger than steel. They can be controlled by heat or by magnetism. As coated tubes, they can contain medicine. In short, they’re extremely versatile, which […]
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E Coli: Maker of competitive plastics

Our old friend, E. Coli, the bacteria found in every person’s gut and the bio-scientist’s lab-love, has found a new role: Maker of the polymers for plastic. Note that the E. Coli mentioned in the study has already been bio-engineered.
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