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Organic Solar Cells: Spinning efficiency

Researchers at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, U.K.) and the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington USA) have tackled the problem of relative inefficiency of organic solar cells by orchestrating their electronic ‘spin.’ It could be a breakthrough…. Organic solar cells have so much promise. Instead of silicon, these solar cells are constructed with polymers – […]
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Quantum Teleportation: Step 4, 150 Kilometers

It’s a race of sorts. It’s a race to be the first research team to use quantum teleportation to transmit messages to and from orbiting satellites. The distance of this transmission will be about 500 kilometers. The latest ‘leg’ of this race was just completed by a team of European physicists and published at arXiv […]
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Proteins and quantum transition: Instant shape-shifting

Every once in a great while a piece of very interesting science comes along, quietly, until more and more people notice that not only is important but it may be right. Then scientists get into high gear and start doing more intensive experimenting. Sometimes the science press or even the popular media catch wind of […]
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Graphene spintronics: Studies show promise

If you’ve had any contact with the concept of ‘digital devices’ (as in theory of, not the use of) you’ve heard it explained like ‘switches’ (i.e. gates) that are either ON or OFF, zeroes or ones – the binary code – that sort of thing. Information is stored or processed based on a sequence of […]
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Quantum entanglement helps keep DNA together

Once in a while science produces theoretical work that has tantalizing possibilities but also raises a strong skeptical response. This is another way of saying that a theory has a certain amount of plausibility but is without experimental evidence. Such is the case with a theory proposed by Elisabeth Rieper and colleagues at the National […]
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Confirmation: Quantum entanglement in photosynthesis

The discovery that every-day, ‘normal temperature’, biological systems – plants – use quantum effects in the process of photosynthesis has been advancing for several years. For physicists and biologists this is becoming something of a revelation. Physicists in particular, accustomed to observing quantum effects only at extreme cold (approaching absolute zero), find the idea that […]
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Remodeling: A new model for material science

At one level this is a simple piece of news, announced by Princeton University (New Jersey, USA): Princeton engineers, led by Emily Carter, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Applied and Computational Mathematics, have refurbished an 80-year-old mathematical formula to develop a new approach for computer models used in material science. At another level, […]
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Phonons in our future

Ever heard of a ‘phonon torpedo’? How about a ‘phonon laser’? Not that either? No wonder, they don’t exist. Although a phonon is to sound as the photon is to light, we do not know much about working with phonons. However, here is news concerning research that – one day – may bring about devices […]
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Quantum chemistry – a new world

Here’s the story in a nutshell: Scientists have long known how to control the internal states of molecules, such as their rotational and vibrational energy levels. In addition, the field of quantum chemistry has existed for decades to study the effects of the quantum behavior of electrons and nuclei—constituents of molecules. But until now scientists […]
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Update: Quantum photosynthesis

Just to underline the post Quantum mechanics in photosynthesis, oh my. there’s another take on the interpretation and significance of the research at Cosmic Variance. Here’s a sample: We can think about this in terms of Feynman’s way of talking about quantum mechanics: rather than a particle taking a unique path between two points, as […]
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