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The scale of radiation dosage

The impact of radiation dosage – scaled…………………Credit: xkcd.com (public domain) In case you haven’t seen this somewhere else: The brilliant (if obscurely warped) mind of xkcd has strayed from the comic realm into the realm of information display – with remarkable results. Go to the source, check it out, enlarge the original, print: Paste it […]
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Cell phones and cancer: Another inconclusive round of study

Here we go again. Sometime today (May 18, 2010) a report from a massive study by the Interphone International Study Group of the potential cancer causing effects of using cell phones will be released in the International Journal of Epidemiology. This $24 million United Nations sponsored study spanning a decade and 13 countries was the […]
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New satellite to spot solar weather

A new eye on space weather, or more specifically the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), is about to be lofted into orbit by NASA (USA). The satellite is a sign of the burgeoning field of ‘space weather,’ which in our region of the solar system essentially means ‘solar weather.’ The new observatory satellite is to orbit […]
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Protecting healthy cells during radiation therapy

Treatment of cancer with radiation therapy is very common, but always hazardous because the radiation usually kills healthy cells as well. Here’s one promising approach to reducing the risk…
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