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Ambient backscatter: Energy for electronic devices – no wires, no batteries, no solar

Ambient Backscatter devices (prototype)…..Credit: University of Washington It’s true. There is now a way to power electronic devices without plugging them into the electrical grid (no wires), without solar panels, and without installing a battery. Engineers at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) created a new wireless communication system that can interact with each other, […]
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Recognizing one face in a crowd of 36 million

A new camera surveillance system in preparation for the market by Hitachi Kokusai Electric (Japan) claims the ability to recognize a face from a database of 36 million in less than a second. It does this by not creating a stored image and then analyzing it, but by immediately analyzing the incoming visual stream (containing […]
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DNA nanosensors

Not all sensors are electronic, or at least if you expand the scope of sensor technology, measurement techniques (which is what sensor technology is about) can also be chemical or physical, among other things. In this case, the sensor is built from DNA and it’s called a DNA nanosensor. The idea behind this particular nanosensor […]
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Finally, a self-powered wireless nanoscale sensor

Nanogenerator system……….Credit: NanoLetters, American Chemical Society One day the world may well be blanketed with sensors (metaphorically). If so, it will be the result of advances in nanotechnology. Perhaps it will be derived from the work of Zhong Lin Wang and his group of ambitious researchers at The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, […]
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