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Organic Solar Cells: Spinning efficiency

Researchers at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, U.K.) and the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington USA) have tackled the problem of relative inefficiency of organic solar cells by orchestrating their electronic ‘spin.’ It could be a breakthrough…. Organic solar cells have so much promise. Instead of silicon, these solar cells are constructed with polymers – […]
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A first: Spintronics made visible

It’s an important emerging field, spintronics; though it’s not too well known. It’s based on a quantum property of electrons – they spin. Some electrons spin ‘up,’ some spin ‘down’ and if you can get a device to read that state of up or down, that’s the basis for many kinds of electronics. This includes […]
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Should science use spin?

It was late in the day. Most of the lab’s computers were already in screen-saver mode. I had my feet up on the bench, just to let the blood run the other way, you know. In came Jimmy (real name, James) the lab’s one and only intern that summer. We hadn’t talked much, but then […]
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Quantum chemistry – a new world

Here’s the story in a nutshell: Scientists have long known how to control the internal states of molecules, such as their rotational and vibrational energy levels. In addition, the field of quantum chemistry has existed for decades to study the effects of the quantum behavior of electrons and nuclei—constituents of molecules. But until now scientists […]
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“Climategate” a spinmeister’s delight

It’s like a stage full of whirling dervishes: spin left, spin right, faster, faster. What has become known as “ClimateGate” (the name itself is, of course, a piece of spin) continues to hog media time. Less than a week after email from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU) was hacked/pilfered/stolen (pick your […]
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