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Stem cells from everywhere, including urine

Looking over the announcements from stem cell research, it seems that finding sources of stem cells might not be much of a problem, now and certainly in the future. What started with a single – highly controversial – source, embryonic stem cells, is burgeoning into stem cells from bones, muscles, skin, liver, brain, blood (etc.)…and […]
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ePSC: A new type of pluripotent stem cell

Researchers at the University of California San Francisco have discovered a new type of stem cell. This does not happen every day, guaranteed. In fact, this discovery is potentially very important. Called an endogenous pluripotent stem cell (ePSC), it has much the same characteristics as embryonic stem cells, the ability to become almost any other […]
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Stem cell injection improves aging cells in mice

“The provocative findings urge further research,” said Dr. Niedernhofer, one of the senior investigators on a University of Pittsburgh (USA) stem cell project. The context is injecting stem cells from young mice into very old mice and mice with progeria, a disease that causes rapid aging. As described in Nature Communications [03 January 2012, Open […]
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Stem Cells: An excellent coverage of the medical reality

I’ve posted before about the most unusually frank, thorough and intelligent postings on current health issues by the British National Health Service (NHS) called NHS choices, [SciTechStory: Behind the headlines, a systematic source of science candor]. This time I’m drawing attention to a longer piece made available through the site, called Hope and hype: stem […]
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Synthetic biology: Pituitary glands from stem cells

Research into the uses stem cells is at that stage where almost every month a new application is announced, typically in the replacement of damaged cells or tissues. The most recent application is the creation of pituitary gland tissue from the embryonic stem cells of mice. Researchers at the Japanese RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology […]
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lincRNA: A recently discovered RNA organizes stem cell differentiation

What makes a scientist’s heart go pitter-patter? Something like this: When the Broad team discovered more than 3,500 unique lincRNAs in the human and mouse genomes in 2009, “the potential was enormous, and we wanted to know what they could be doing.” [Source: Technology Review] Here’s the scenario: A team of researchers at the Broad […]
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Reprogramming cells: The post stem cell future?

Sixth in a series of posts inspired by ten topics in ‘Insights of the Decade’ from the December 17, 2010 special issue of Science Magazine The topics are: Inflammation, climatology, tricks of light, alien planets, the microbiome, cell reprogramming, Martian water, the DNA time machine, cosmology and epigenetics. The original articles are now behind a […]
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First steps: Converting skin cells to blood cells without stem cells

This is an important story about stem cell research because it doesn’t involve stem cells. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true. Of course, I’m being coy. The research by Mick Bhatia, Eva Szabo and colleagues at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), published in the November 7, 2010 online issue of Nature [ Direct […]
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First clinical trial: Embryonic stem cells for spinal repair

Normally clinical trials, especially Phase 1 clinical trials (the ‘do no harm’ test) are not considered particularly auspicious. Lots of drugs and procedures never make it through this first step. Nor is a Phase 1 trial normally the stuff of media coverage. A Phase 1 trial of embryonic stem cells is another matter. Just when […]
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Reversing silenced genes improves quality of induced stem cells

As has been the case for more than a decade, the promise of stem cells to create breakthroughs in cell biology and medicine has been hampered by the difficulty in obtaining sufficient quantities of high quality pluripotent stem cells (cells capable of changing into almost any other kind of cell). Human embryonic stem cells are […]
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