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A keystone discovery: Proteins and synaptic vesicles

It happens quite a lot in neuroscience that something can be described without really knowing why it’s doing something. Bear with me a bit, as what I’m about to describe is probably unfamiliar to most people and also very much concerns the nitty-gritty of how the cells (neurons) of the brain and nervous system work. […]
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IBM doesn’t call it a brain chip

IBM calls it a neural core, not a ‘brain chip’ or a ‘thinking chip.’ The recently announced development involves two prototype chips that contain circuitry inspired by biological components of the brain – neurons, synapses and axons. The chips are the earliest building blocks of what IBM hopes to develop into a more complete system […]
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Memflector: Neuron-like computer component

I try not to put too much weight on very early advances in technology. This is particularly true of computer technology because there are so many relatively new avenues of research, all clamoring for attention: Quantum computing, DNA computing, optical computing…etc. On the other hand, computing has become so vital, especially for science and business, […]
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Neuroscience: Memory tied to a specific protein complex

At times it must seem to neuroscientists that the enigma of memory reveals its secrets to them as if they were the proverbial blind men describing an elephant. “Ah yes, it has a hose, a very thick hose, so thick it’s almost like a tree trunk!” If only it were as easy to get the […]
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Ephaptic coupling: Could be how brains coordinate

I love it when scientists say things like this: “I firmly believe that understanding the origin and functionality of endogenous brain fields will lead to several revelations regarding information processing at the circuit level, which, in my opinion, is the level at which percepts and concepts arise,” Anastassiou says. “This, in turn, will lead us […]
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New links in neuron impulse generation

Neurons in the brain have complicated electrical systems. In fact, a study by the University of Calgary Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Faculty of Medicine (Canada) has cleared up an important misconception about the way neurons generate signals. Ion channels are used by cells to manage the (minute) difference in electrical charge between the inside and the […]
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