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Ambient backscatter: Energy for electronic devices – no wires, no batteries, no solar

Ambient Backscatter devices (prototype)…..Credit: University of Washington It’s true. There is now a way to power electronic devices without plugging them into the electrical grid (no wires), without solar panels, and without installing a battery. Engineers at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) created a new wireless communication system that can interact with each other, […]
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Coming up: Body-to-Body networks (BBN)

Try this idea on for size: Built into clothes, clip-on devices, hand-held devices, or eventually implanted devices – tiny, very low wattage transmitters to become part of a “Body-to-Body Network” or BBN. Not so keen on it? What if you got a reduction in monthly cost of your telephone communications for becoming a participating transmitter? […]
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