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Wi-fi and TV: Corkscrew signals for solving the world’s bandwidth problem

As the mega-money auctions for broadcast bandwidth demonstrate, there are a finite number of frequencies and they are almost all allocated. Put another way, the world is running out of broadcast frequencies. That also amounts to a challenge for the world’s physicists and radio engineers – How to get more signal (information) onto existing bandwidths? […]
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Google does TV with friends

Google likes to make ripples, so last Thursday (5/20/10), it announced a new Google TV platform. What’s on the agenda is called a ‘platform,’ which in this case is software-speak for a programming structure provided by Google’s Android software protocols (for mobile computing), Google’s Chrome browser, and Adobe’s Flash Player 10 (for video presentation). Inserted […]
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New Product: A telecommuting telepresence robot named QB

The telepresence robot, ”QB”. . Credit: Anybots, Inc. As a field of study and product development, it is in the nature of robotics, as often as not, to want to emulate the human being. Why this should be so given that the erect and bipedal human being is already an engineering nightmare, speaks to our […]
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Apple iPad: And the big deal is…?

Nobody, repeat, nobody can make a bigger technology marketing splash than Apple, Inc. From the famous “1984” commercial to the iPod and iPhone, Apple has frequently employed the best and the brightest marketing folks on the planet. So, if the Apple iPad wasn’t a big deal, Apple would make it one. However, the iPad is […]
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