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Ambient backscatter: Energy for electronic devices – no wires, no batteries, no solar

Ambient Backscatter devices (prototype)…..Credit: University of Washington It’s true. There is now a way to power electronic devices without plugging them into the electrical grid (no wires), without solar panels, and without installing a battery. Engineers at the University of Washington (Seattle, USA) created a new wireless communication system that can interact with each other, […]
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A first: wireless, broadband, rechargeable, implantable brain sensor

A little something on the mind…wireless brain sensor Credit: Fred Field, Brown University It may seem that in this age of wireless everything that sensors for the brain should have been wireless years ago. After all, if test subjects (people or animals) must be tethered to power cords and data cables, then the range of […]
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First human tests for a ‘bionic eye’

Call it a wideview neurostimulator, call it a retinal prosthesis, or call it a ‘bionic eye’ – it’s ready for trials with human beings. Bionic Vision Australia, a spinoff company from the University of New South Wales (Australia) has announced that a prototype will be used on its first human subject. Bionic eye may a […]
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